The most special pets on the planet deserve a place all their own.

Your dog is the world’s most comical dog –and the smartest to boot. Your cat, by day, is the huggiest, snuggliest, furriest bundle of contentment – but, by night, is the most acclaimed, stealth hunter the cat world has ever seen. is a celebration of your pet and everything that your most special pet on the planet deserves. As much as we all hate to admit it, we know for a fact there are other “smartest dogs in the world” and “craftiest cats in the world”. offers for your furry family members a unique line of products (most of which can be personalized), which you can shop for either by your pet’s special occasion or just simply by product type.

From personalized ski jackets, pet attire, bling collars, luxury beds and carriers, to pet adoption announcements and birthday cards, we have them all –personalized, just for YOUR pet.

Our goal is to provide you, the pet parent, with an experience which is second to none. Our products have all been touched, felt, and tested by our own Quality Assurance Team. And before we even feature products on our site, they must get the two paws up rating from the team, or we don’t carry it.

Meet Ollie
Co-Chief Quality Assurance Officer

Ollie co-chief at Just4MyPets

Our commitment to you is to provide you with the quality, service, and reliability you expect so you can have everything you need to spoil your lovable ball of fur.

And on that dark day when your pet leaves this earth for Pet Heaven, we can help. We have been there (see The Story), and that same pain became the motivation for We believe can help to fill that void in your heart by helping to memorialize your precious friend in a very personal way.

On behalf of our team, we hope you’ll find as much joy browsing and shopping this site as we did putting it together for you and your pet!

– Ollie and Junior, Chief Quality Officers