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The inspiration for was my own beloved Beagle, Slim….

…whom I spoiled with “dog biscuit hunts” every Easter, and birthday cupcakes on her birthday for her furry friends. She was THE most special pet on the planet.

How could the runt of the litter – the smallest, shyest, most sheepish Beagle – leave such an indelible mark on one’s heart? My little Slim was no ordinary Beagle. Those big, sad, brown eyes and gigantic droopy ears grabbed my heart from the moment I saw her in the litter. From that moment on, she was always by my side – literally. She slept right next to me, and woke when I woke. She followed me from room to room. She was my best listener, my funniest friend, my running partner, and my security guard.

And she was right next to me through some major life events that most friends would not stay around for. And on those occasions, she patiently sat there and licked my tears away and, with those big brown eyes and gigantic droopy ears, reminded me that all would be ok.

When she went to doggie heaven after 17 years on this earth, that relentless pain in my heart was the motivation for

To honor her legacy and that of every other beloved pet, for every purchase you make at, we will donate $1 toward providing humane care for abandoned, abused and homeless companion animals. I named the campaign for Slims’s doggie brother, Ollie, so he could carry on her legacy. See: Giving Back – the Friends of Ollie Campaign.

That’s our little contribution toward ensuring that other animals will have an opportunity to experience a bit of the privileges of what it feels like to have a real family.

Thank you for reading Slim’s story. Because this site is for you and about you, we’d love to hear your story. Just send us an email to:

Slim looking relaxed