Spawt Light Featured Pets and their stories

We at Just4MyPet are a celebration of THE most special pet on the planet. Who would have thought your “most special pet” has competition??!!!

We are happy to share stories and pictures of our real furry customers whom we now have the privilege of calling our “friends”. Each featured furry friend is special because the owner changed its life by rescuing him/her from some tragic circumstance — and in the process, the owner’s life was changed as well.

This month,we’re excited to feature Zuma, a 3-year old liver Dalmatian with green eyes. He was taken in at 8 months old by Bonnie Peaco-Hathorn when his original family could not keep him. He was from a litter of 10 and he and all of his siblings were named after Southern California beaches. Zuma is aptly named because he loves to run through the surf on Oregon’s coastline! And he also loves to travel up and down the coast to visit his extended family in California. He was the runt of the litter, but is now the largest (even though he still thinks he is a lap dog).

During his spare time, Zuma enjoys chasing bubbles from a bubble machine, jumping and splashing through the pond to chase them. He also enjoys his stuffed and squeaky toys. And, at exactly 8:00 PM, he expects a Nylabone….Not 7:59 PM or 8:01 PM, but 8:00 PM on the dot. He’s the only dog we know who can tell time!

Zuma loves to model the clothes that his Mom dresses him up in for the holidays, and he just happens to be the winner of our recent Patriotic Pets Photo Contest! Here he is sporting his red, white and blue best!

Bonnie and Zuma we are happy to call you our friends!

Zuma Patriotic Photo