Who is Ollie photo of Ollie with his name in Orange


My name is Ollie, and I’m the Chief Quality Assurance Officer here at Just4MyPet.com!

I’m also your canine tour guide to everything at Just4MyPet.com! You will see me throughout the web site, and, along with my feline friend, Tigger, and my doggie brother, Junior (our other Quality Assurance Officers!), we will help point out important things about our web site.

We have personally tested everything you find on our web site, so you can be sure that the product you receive from us is of great quality and will meet or exceed your expectations.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

My Story

I almost didn’t make it…. I was destined for a cage in a shelter, awaiting my turn to be “put to sleep” because the clock ran out of time for me. As a puppy, I was traded from home to home, as my first owners decided they could not keep me. They didn’t have time for me, and they left me outside alone most of the day. And I merely wanted the love and affection of my people, so I begged for it by barking and digging and escaping to try and find someone to play with. So they tried to place me with other families. And one family after the next declined or tried for a few days, only to return me to my lonely life after I barked a bit and disappointed the potential new owner. The last family I went to live with was in the process of selling their home which was located deep in the canyons, and the home was vacant most all of the time. I was left to fend for myself out on a tiny little balcony with no shelter from the elements – or from wild animals. In a desperate search for a place to call “home”, I jumped off that little balcony and wandered the canyon aimlessly, without food or water. I had to hide and defend myself from coyotes, mountain lions, and other wild animals. Someone checking on the vacant home saw me and contacted my current pet parents just before they were about to call the local Animal Control office. My current pet parents learned of my plight and came to my rescue. I was dirty, scared, scratched up, and skeletal from hunger — and they immediately took me in to live with them and their two dogs. Very shortly after my new pet parents took me in, they had read of a mountain lion that entered a property on that same canyon where I was found, and the mountain lion killed two large domestic dogs. It turns out those two dogs that were killed lived in the house right next to where I was abandoned!

My fate should have been met with either the jaws of a mountain lion or the cage of an animal shelter. Either way, my little life would have ended there. And now I have laps to jump on, toys to play with, people and doggie siblings, biscuits all day, a warm bed at night, and many cozy spots to nap in. I now work full time as Chief Quality Officer at Just4MyPet.

Many of those 3 – 4 million cats and dogs in shelters that are killed every year simply got lost, were abandoned, or their owners had died. Ollie in his dog hoodieI’ve started a campaign here at Just4MyPet.com to help other animals like me, called the Friends of Ollie Campaign. Won’t you please join my campaign to give some of those animals a fighting chance?
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Who is Ollie photo of Ollie with his name in Orange